Why choosing Recruitment Funding is your best idea yet

Lots of perm and temp start-ups reveal that the key to their success is being able to spend more time dedicated to activity that generate fees and business development .

Why choosing Recruitment Funding is your best idea yet

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Setting up a temporary or permanent recruitment start-up can be a super exciting time in both your life and career. It can also bring a sense of financial insecurity as you embark on what feels like a really big investment. And rightly so, it most certainly is a financial investment, but it doesn’t have to come with the strain you might be expecting.

How you may be wondering can you guarantee that? Two words – Recruitment & Funding…

What those two words bring are five reasons why choosing Recruitment Funding is your best idea yet…

Feel like you’re the star performer at your agency?

If you’re the top performer within your agency, and you know your market inside out then with the correct funding you can take that risk to go it alone. One of the main worries about branching into your own agency is that you don’t have the financial security. With a recruitment funding company, that worry is lifted. Starting out on your own should be seen as looking to build something great, which has great prospects and opportunity.

Paying your workers

There is the risk that your business could fail even before it gets off the ground what with having to pay your workers. And without workers, there are no clients so of course they need paying on time. Recruitment Funding can guarantee that your workers get paid as well as pay you your profit on the same day.

Win more clients

Recruitment Funding allows you to offer a unique 12 Month Rebate Scheme. This gives you the ammunition to get onto preferred supplier lists which can be really difficult to secure. This, in turn, allows access to increased profits through the charging of higher fees.

Company Growth

When it comes to recruitment companies in the UK, 75% of them never reach a headcount of over 10 people. It takes an industry expert to work with you on strategies for accelerating that growth, not only that but the support from a recruitment funding company is also a bonus.

No cash, no risk

Recruitment Funding means you can start a temp or perm business today with no cash or risk. Most Recruitment Funding firms just require you to have the workers because they have the systems and money to make it happen. This means you have the support that allows you to live and invest in the success of your start up.

If you need any further convincing then get in touch with a specialist, they’ll be able to give you much more extensive detail and reason why partnering with a Recruitment Funding firm will help turn your dreams into a reality.

Lots of perm and temp start-ups reveal that the key to their success is being able to spend more time dedicated to activity that generate fees and business development – Recruitment Funding can therefore support you and enable you to spend more time on what’s important

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