What You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction

Do you know what “the secret” is? Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? If you haven’t, then watch this video which will enlighten you and bring a force of positive energy and hope into your life.

What You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction

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Do you know what “the secret” is? Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? If you haven’t, then this article will enlighten you and bring a force of positive energy and hope into your life; if you have, then continue to read on because we will take a look at how the law of attraction should be applied to our lives to ensure success, wealth, happiness and health. With 2015 right around the corner, what better time to take on the New Thought of the Law of Attraction and begin the New Year with a new you!

The Meaning of The Law of Attraction

This law or ‘new thought’ if you will, refers to the belief of “like attracts like”. This means that every thought and feeling you put out into the universe is answered with a similar response. In other words, the more positive thoughts and energy you exude, the more positive things will happen for you.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is based upon the principle that thoughts, people, our surroundings, everything in fact, is made up of energy. And when these energies align, we can create and achieve incredible things. If you want to run your own multi-million dollar business or buy a Lamborghini by the time you are 30, the LOA states that all you need to do is believe that you can achieve these goals. But it is not enough to just believe, you need to picture yourself running that business or driving that lambo. You need to feel the exact same feelings when you picture yourself in these scenarios as though you have already achieved these goals. It is only then that the universe can answer you and align you with your goals.

The main factor that will stand between you and these goals, no matter how hard to you envisage yourself being successful and no matter how many times you release positive vibes throughout the day, is gratitude. Gratitude is the key to achieving success through LOA. You need to wake up each day and be grateful for everything you have; whether you believe you have a lot to be grate ful for or not, you must find things e.g. be grateful for your health, for your job, for your monthly income that allows you to house and feed  yourself, for your family, for your friendly co-workers and understanding boss etc. you get the idea. Without gratitude you will have nothing.

How to use the law of attraction

Step 1. Clear your mind and focus your thoughts

Meditation will help you significantly when you take on the new concept of the Law of Attraction. You need to relax and clear your mind in order to focus on your goals and truly picture yourself achieving these goals. Take 10-15 minutes each morning or evening to meditate before you release your positive energy into the universe.

Step 2. Decide on your goals and stick to them

It may help for you to write down everything  you want to achieve in life. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, gather photos, momentums, anything that will remind you of this goal and put them in places that will remind you of them throughout the day. Eager to get that lambo by the time you’re 30?  Place a photo of the exact lambo you want on your desk at work, on the kitchen fridge, even on the ceiling above your bed so you see it every morning and evening before you sleep.

You need to be 100 percent certain of what you want because if not, you will unknowingly emit unclear frequencies into the universe, and in turn, the universe will not be able to answer you.

Step 3. Gratitude first

As mentioned, you need to be grateful before you can truly experience the wonders of the law of attraction. Feel as though you have just had all your wishes granted to you this very second. Believe that everything you want is on its way to you. Wake up each morning and say out loud what you are grateful for and the universe will begin to shift so that it aligns with your needs and goals.

Step 4. Believe in the universe

Whatever occurs in your life, you have manifested it. Now, that might be a hard pill to swallow, but it is the truth. According to the law of attraction, you need to put more energy into your positive thoughts that any negative ones you may have and this in turn will work wonders for you. But nevertheless, without a strong belief in everything you are doing, from writing down your goals and feeling as though you have achieved them, to being grateful for what you have and continuously emitting positive energy each day, you will not be able to channel the benefits of the law of attraction. You must believe with all your mind, body and soul, that the secret to all success, happiness and health in life is through the law of attraction.

Take a look at this thought provoking video by actualized.org to understand exactly how the Law of Attraction works and how you can use it in your daily lives.


Do you believe in the theory of the Law of Attraction? Has it worked for you or anyone you know? Let us know about it in the comments section below.  





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